Wednesday, August 26, 2009

miss adventures

finally home and happy. well, i've been here since the 22nd and i haven't had the strength to blog. but yeah, i have a lotta time to waste today so i decided to drop by here.

was in china again for 11 days. 10th to the 21st. i was feeling happy about it when i left the philippines but got really homesick when i couldn't access facebook. gah! they blocked it! and i was alone. dimple didn't show up. wanted to go back on the 3rd day. was feeling like hell; never experienced boredom like that. it's just not for me not to be able to talk with anyone. no one can talk to lisa in the office and i didn't really have nothing much to talk about with jack. and john can't speak much english.

finally boss daddy came on my 4th day and we went to han zhou and ning bo on the 5th at least i was busy and had lisa with me in the hotel. we went to the hotel restaurant for dinner and they had these chilled fake food you can choose from. ning bo has a fishing port and they're supposed to be popular for their seafood. so the resto had tanks of fish and shrimps and crabs and lobsters. man, i ran away from the tank with frogs! i mean, i can eat frogs but only when they don't have skin on. and they're warm and cooked. haha. but i can't stand the sight of them. wahaha.

got back to dong guan on my the 6th day and met this guy. huge guy. played soccer for the shang hai team and is moving to the HK team, i don't know really. he's black, by the way. it was sweet. haha. but short. and no, i don't believe in "once you go black, you won't go back". and yeah, it was my china fling. LOL. it was like "isang linggong pag ibig" but you have to do it with more beats and rap it.

got a nasty cold on my 9th day. thought it was the swine flu. really really bad. no kissing daw. haha. i hated the weather there.couldn't bring myself to go to work on the 10th day so i stayed in the hotel. weh. basta. nag away pa kami ni soccer guy the next day kasi ang insensitive ko. ahaha. errrr, i know i am bitchy.

got cheesecake for everyone the day i was gonna leave. amazing, i saw tinay and kuya arnel at the guang zhou airport. ayus. and that's it, i think.

breakfast at ning bo. i love how they prepare eggs in china.
the government wants you to like KFC!
the pussy shell. isn't that right?

dalgo in ning bo

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