Monday, November 30, 2009

cancer and arthritis

i've been promising everyone that i'll go see a doctor since last year. lol. ok, so i've been hearing stories of how a lot of people have been dying of ehmmm lymphoma. tama ba? cancer sa lymph nodes or whatever. f*ck the lumps at the base of my neck just stopped hurting after more than a week. it's like it hurts a lot everytime i get a cold or something. claire, one drunken night, tried to feel my neck if there are other lumps. she found 3 small ones. i don't know if they really exist since she was really wasted that night.
thing is, i just don't wanna spend on doctors and shit. well, i want to go to a naturopathologist instead but i keep on spending my money somewhere else. maybe carrot and pineapple juice will be enough since i'm guessing that will be first if they give me a diet list.
and yeah, i have pain again on my left wrist.
ah, getting old. not a pretty sight.
when i was starting this blog, i said something like this guy can't fall in love with me since i had this feeling that i'll die of cancer at 40. well, everyone will die of cancer eventually. i wonder if i'll reach 40. morbid ba? kaya lang, i don't wanna hit the bucket when i'm already ugly. gusto ko glamorosa, parang artista. ayoko ng cancer, ayoko maging hit and run victim, ayoko masagasaan ng train, at lumipad galing sa roller coaster. gusto ko maganda pa din ako, nasa bed tapos may fur.
hay nako, ok ok i'll go see a doctor. dang, i hate needles.

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