Monday, November 30, 2009

galing sa facebook ko: why i love the book "twilight"

i apologize for dissing people who love the twilight series of books. i was actually surprised when i chanced upon a copy of the first book. stephenie meyer is truly an amazing writer. her writing style reminded me of ernest hemingway. i can totally understand why many people are hooked. the book was written with such passion and is indeed compelling. here are excerpts from the first chapter that truly caught my attention. i hope you enjoy reading.
chapter one
once upon a time, bella is a girl. edward is a vampire. edward can smell bella's blood. bella's blood is delicious. edward does not drink human blood. edward is a vegetarian. edward likes the blood of mountain lions and elks. mountain lions and elks are vegetables. they are pulsating vegetables.
edward buys glitter lotion from the body shop. his favorite flavor is vanilla spice. edward is gay. bella is a fag hag. edward wears too much face powder. bella needs to throw up all the time.
vampires do not have blood. they are dead. they cannot have an erection. you cannot rigor mortis down there when you are dead. this story is sick. they are promoting necrophilia.
chapter two
bella gets her period
(coming soon)
ganda di ba. if you want me to post excerpts from chapter two, just message me.

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