Saturday, June 26, 2010

arghh! insects!

there are just so many tiny little things, crawling, flying, and buzzing here! here!!!! i swear, i will clean up!

detox day 1 is over. the girls came over, and brought food with them. chips, actually, and i made salsa for them. it was funny because jo brought the ingredients and she was saying something like fresh blah blah and i wasn't hearing it. i chopped everything and dumped them in a saucepan. put some tomato paste and cooked it. ah. kaya pala there was half a mango, it was supposed to be FRESH salsa, weh! slow ako, i know. but i didn't eat. i tasted the shit though, but spat it out. which was really weird because it melted in my mouth. it could have easily slid down my throat. hahaha! was having a little bit of a headache kanina kasi i wasn't expelling much. but i'm ok and all set for day 2.

i really really need to get new glasses. i checked out some optical shops, and they all have expensive frames! man. the type of frame i want will cost me around Php6K++ and my lenses will also be around that much. imagine, spending Php12K on glasses? gah. i couldn't find generic frames that would look good on me, i mean everything i see, even the branded ones ha, look flimsy. the one that broke just cost me PHP200(from i2i) and lasted for 6 years. deym. i asked my chinese friend how much she got her glasses for. she said something like RMB200. that's like Php1340. that is soooo unfair. i'm not brand conscious, i just want to be able to see. ano ba at kelangan lahat ng frames, mahal? peste. i might end up getting a new pair in china. i just hope the eye doctor could understand me. haha. i wonder how their eye chart looks. kasi baka pag chinese characters, hindi ko talaga mababasa.

imma sleep!

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