Friday, June 18, 2010

la dee da dee da di dum dum di day ecstasy ecstano. whatevah.

wasn't sure about what i was gonna write about, so i'll write random stuff.

i'm thinking of seriously getting a tattoo cover up using this design:

although i'm not sure how it'll fit in a strip along the spine, but i really really want this. no one's gonna see me naked or at least wearing backless dresses, but i MUST have this. haha.


checking sent mail. ooops. i write stupid 'love' letters.


gah! the kevins in the UK office sent me indesign files. errrr. already told them that i'm not familiar with that and learning will take a while. so one kevin said he knew it would happen. then i asked them if i can just send sample pdfs for the designs.the other kevin said ok, but to tell the boss about my plan. then the firrst kevin suddenly says i should try it because it's easy. naman eh. ayoko nga eh.

mga kevins talaga. lol


i'm almost done with the pending work from the office. and i'm happy to have a new project for my favorite patron,JC(my favorite boy). lol. may theme ulit. lol. the first painting i gave him was a gift. the painting 'mikkey frog':

and the next one is 'my heart belongs to my oyster':

that's JC on the couch.

and yeah, we always have had themes. 'mikkey frog' is dreamy and happy and child-like. i painted it while i was head over heels in love with who else, mikkey frog. haha. (if i kissed mikkey frog, i wonder if he'd turn out to be my prince) ah, fireflies, stars, and sleepless nights.

'my heart belongs to my oyster' is also about love. JC wanted something that says love for life. and i was given ehm.. 2 weeks to do that? haha!

now jc tells me, hey make me another one that says, get ready for it, 'hopelessly hoping for a love that is coming'! lol. and i have till the 3rd week of july to finish that because his sister leaves for NY last week of the month. i have like a few ideas in my head, following the trend nung ginawa namin ni sam for bim and gen.

and now, for the most difficult part: will someone go to the market with me? i need to buy canvas! i'm scared! lol


gotta go check my email. it's difficult when you have offices in 3 different time zones.

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