Monday, June 28, 2010


i woke up with the words echoing in my ear. it shouldn't really bother me anymore. i mean, it's been months already since i read those hurtful words on my screen. reminders are scarce now, though. it's just me, i know.

how long could one possibly wait? i don't mean wait for a person to come back and stuff like that. just, well, wait. for answers, perhaps? maybe wait for pieces to fall in their right places. or wait for rewards. wait for the thing that makes one content.

it is just so wrong that he still gets to me. and he's not even around. and i already gave up on this. it's ok sana if i'm alone whenever the thought of him would haunt me. but the problem is, even if i'm with people, he's in my head eh.

no, i'm not out of his life, kasi he's definitely still in mine. that's what he wanted eh. thing is, there's a huge flaw.

he can't commit.


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