Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i'm still not feeling super. been back home from negros since sunday night. although, it's comfy here, i'm still kinda feeling under the weather.

so what's been happening to me?

marami, nakakahilo. haha! friends had been coming over to eat here. i somehow missed cooking kasi, and boy, do i have hungry friends. haha.

the UK and Dubai offices had been keeping me busy. like really busy. which is actually a good thing. at least i'm sure i'm still in their payroll.

just finished a diptych and am on my second one. this painting is a personal project actaully--which means it's for my dada! i've been promising him since last year that i will finish his painting but shempre, hindi ko magawa. busy making money eh. lol.

went to negros to mentor teenagers in a workshop. this was a project of an NGO(Protect CIAC) where my friend is coordinator. i've always wanted to volunteer, and i'm grateful i was invited. it was a really good experience plus the place where the workshop was held was beautiful. although i got sick on the last day (a very mysterious stomach flu), i went home with a happy heart.

also, i got me some extras and they are keeping me really busy. better busy than idle and daydreaming. it's easier to shrug off unwanted emotions this way. pero di ba. it's sarap sana if someone is fussing over me now. well, meron naman. haha joan brings me lunch pag may sakit ako. and lelets bring me meds and takes me to the doctors. nahihiya lang ako. salamat girls ha!

dami ko nagawa inspite of my being sickly. alam ko na! i'm getting body parts removed na lang para i won't get sick na. hahaha. un lang, hindi na ko magkakababy. pero i prayed naman na if God won't give me a baby, kahit Grandia na lang. hehe

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