Saturday, July 03, 2010

burn out!

i need to clean up. i'm living in a pig sty .

this is supposed to be a dining table. it's like a cross between the kitchen counter and a dresser.

nice. insecticide and leftover chips.and the phone. it's not supposed to be there.

my unpacked suitcase(s). and i 've been home for a month already.

part of my workspace. art materials and props and trash.

my table. this is already clean compared to it's state last year. i am now actually able to use this table.

gah. fact is, i am too lazy. i know that already. i even sleep in the living room. i'm a mess. can't even sleep at night. i have only a few weeks here and i should be productive. thing is i sit here everyday, waiting for emails and working on photoshop.this is major burn out.

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tenten said...

haha. well, we're sisters that's why :] i love you!