Sunday, September 12, 2010


inspite of myself, i had so much fun yesterday. trooped to the cristina villas for a reunion and joint birthday celebration(for raena and me). the studio arts batch '98 may have gotten a bit wrinkly or more beautiful, and some gained some pounds, while the boys have thinner hair now, but, undeniably, di na nagmature ang mga pagiisip. haha! still the same funny bunch. if it were only easy, we'd do this every week. but unfortunately. old age gets in the way. ayan masasakit ang mga katawan today. hahaha!

okay, now that i'm still feeling good about things, let me reflect out loud. haha.

ok. so now i learned the second time around, not to count your chicks before the unfortunate eggs have hatched. also, buying cheap tickets doesn't mean you're saving any, since you actually haven't spent yet. you will always spend A LOT as consequence of getting the cheap tickets. lol. so now that the bills are coming, and it seems that paying them is still uncertain, you go back to kicking yourself in the nuts(but, luckily,i don't have any) because you decided to count your chicks ahead of time.


but yeah, masaya naman. so keribelles pa rin.

still wishing that baby boss changes his mind about flying this week. i still want to spend my birthday here. i'd rather suffer the blues here in my own comfort zone than in a hotel room with the hardest mattresses on earth.

turning 31, by the way. not really ashamed of ageing. you can still ask me and it won't offend me. so what do i want this year? a spinster's gotta have a list. here's this year's list:

1. new pillows ( won't wish for the mattress anymore, i'm getting a new one for christmas for sure)
2. 2 pairs of walking shoes.
3. winter clothes. i mean, nice and colorful winter clothes. and boots,too!
4. $600. haha! how specific.
5. that red exercise machine with hydraulics
6. someone who'd fix all legal documents for me
7. a new wallet
8. laser hair removal sessions for all those unwanted hair. haha!
9. radio frequency sessions for the sagging skin. LOL!
10. more quiet time

not gonna wish for the impossible anymore. haha! all these, i'm giving to myself. sana next week, afford ko na.haha. yup. wishing endlessly. but i'll get to it eventually.


dimplet said...

i'll get you the wallet for your birthday. you want a big one or a small one? email me na lang with the specifics. :)

abba said...

pwede bang arabo na lang, un mabango? hahaha! i'll email you the specifics! LOL!