Wednesday, September 15, 2010

notes from last night

me: what
me: stop that

him: just looking at u
him: why did u leave ur ex?

me: he left me

him: why?

me: he lives in another island

him: thats why he left u?!

me: maybe some people arent cut out for LDR

him): true dat

me: i think no one actually really tried knowing me
me: i think my complexities scare them
me: i'm not complicated you know

him: thats the first very personal statement u made
him: u shdnt show ur weak side to me. men love to take advantage

me: will you
me: ?
me: and will that damage me?

him: when u ask that question, u already know its too late for u

me: yeah
me: he is scottish

him: & every serial killer, rapist & kidnapper say they r the best person in the world

me: he was the first guy who appreciated most of me
me: haha
me: lol

him: i would rather say i would try not to hurt u or break ur trust
him: & i think i wont have to try hard to stick to my word

me: i really don't make expectations
me: i don't do that
me: i don't like hurting myself

him: thats a lie. dont say that to me. we can reframe ur statement
him: say this
him: i hide my expectations

me: no

him: & even when i think of them, i try to forget & try to go with the flow

me: i take everyone as they are

him: less expectations means less hurting & less damage. we know that

me: i am not complicated

him: i know u r not complicated

me: the first time i broke my heart

him: none of us r. unless we want to be

me: i changed a lot
me): i became the biggest ass

him: lol
him: but u shdnt open up ur softer side to me. dont let me take u for granted
him: be a lil mean, that wont kill u. u r too good for this world

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