Friday, December 17, 2010

in the dark

the past series of events tested how callous i am about a lot of things.

i am callous. i do not feel anything. i do not get pleasure and i do not enjoy intimacy. i do not feel sympathy for the undeserving nor will i ever want to help people who can't help themselves. as for the victims of circumstances and the victims of me, i will hold your hand until you cope, but i will not enable you.

i cannot understand why people feel bad when someone would seem insensitive about certain things connected to them, or when reprimanded. do we not all have times when we were insensitive to others? it's the circle of life. do you know why i never get pikon? kasi i am also a total ass. and if i get pikon, that would be stupid.

but one thing is true though, despite this 'unfeelingness'. what goes on in my head is true, even if it's just only me who knows what the hell it is. i wish it stops.

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