Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas! it feels different now that i'm 31. haha! but my Jesus is alive in my heart everyday, so it's basically just an ordinary day for me.

inspite of myself, i feel happy. i'm truly happy to give back, even if they're just minuscule presents compared to the good stuff i have received. hey, i'm just starting, anyway.

my lymph nodes aren't as painful as they were last week. i think i need to get shots again, though. i wonder what causes this. i'm a stubborn ass; i won't let them biopsy this. haha! i'm just generally scared of needles, regardless of the size. but less pain is a reason to be grateful. i hope they disappear soon.

finally was able to use the paper i have in my drawers. the purple ribbons are recycled and the other ribbons i got for a really cheap price.
i think everything looks like me...
sorry for this, it's just in jest.

ok, so the plateau that i'm at, it's because i have a short attention span. i get bored so easily, yes, so i have to do something about it. haha. eeep! it's costing me my sanity. lol. seriously, i know what to do, the thing that's causing my anxiety is that i need to do PAPERWORK to get me to the places i need to go. haha. i never liked filing and collecting required documents, and going to places where i need to submit them! and i also need a new passport by march next year!

there are so many things i want to do: learn video editing, study to be an HMUA, paint and make art, live in china, and go to hawaii. isa isa lang dapat, di ba? what to do, what to do... make money first, right? sige, live in china first na lang.

gulo ko.

anyway, i hope you enjoy the holidays.

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