Friday, March 17, 2006

bum land =)

finally, it's over and done with. i am officially jobless. sorry i had to make a scene in the office. it just happened and it convinced the bosses that i am indeed sick and tired of the job.

everybody who saw me this week said i look happy and pretty. para kasi akong nabunutan ng tinik sa dibdib. na kasing laki ng poste ng meralco.

well, it's gonna be a life which i predict would be hard so i say goodbye to starbucks and max brenner breakfasts. i've downgraded to a nokia 1100 and felt sentimental saying goodbye to my 7610 which i loved very much. i'm also saying goodbye to a stable income that made me feel really secure(yeah,right) for the past two years. no more splurges on books and dates with my pamangkins.

but it feels good to be home at night, in bed, listening to soft music. it is a dream come true because i can watch my telenovelas on primetime tv. nice to catch up with my cousins and nice to see the stars in antipolo again. and it feels really good when i brew my own coffee. i have more time to cook, more time to read, and of course, more time to paint.

that's about it. i gave up a good-paying job mainly because i am unhappy. when my immediate supervisor asked me why i'm choosing a career that won't pay as good as cvg, all i said is that it's a very spiritual thing. but of course, he couldn't understand it.

right now, i'm in the process of adjusting with my new sched. i sleep early now and wake up early too.i'm still unorganized and my room's still cluttered. but i'm happy.

i'm working on getting a laptop and it's looking bright. i'm also being pressured by a good friend(which i find really nice ha) into painting so we can get a show organized in three months. i have 2 weeks to prepare for our graduation show. i have a month to think about going back to school. i have contact lenses and my hair looks nicer now.

i still have my dilemmas and i'm still feeling some stress. but right now, i am happy.


coconutalk said...

congrats in taking the less travelled path abba. its going to work out well, i can just see it. :)

abba said...

i do hope so,pau.

dharmasattva said...

omg... i so feel the same way right now... don't ask, but yeah... i can relate.