Thursday, March 09, 2006

whoa dream!

i had this really kwela dream 2 days ago.

i dreamt that i was hanging out with raena and pow in their house. we were with a girl i donn't really like and my ultimate mahal of all time. it was late afternoon and i just don't know what i had. i was drunk and really stoned out in my dream. you see, i'm usually quiet when i'm wasted. but in my dream i was so happy and perky. i was chatting with the group, talking nonsense. when raena went inside, i went near my mahal and started rubbing his leg. when raena came out, i was tellin her that whatever i had, whoa, it was amazing! i was telling her that it feels like i'm in a dream and everything is light. then i started hallucinating in the dream! i saw unicorns and carnival elephants in the sky. cherubims started coming out of raena's roof and they were all white. like small marble angels. it was so whoa talaga. i was so magulo and pow was laughing about something. it was so real!

then i went to my mahal. he was holding an empty glass and we kissed. it was so funny...i was thinking that, if this was a dream, it would be so nice to have the glass in my hand when i wake up para di ba, kunyari totoo the dream.

then i woke up. with the cold glass in my hand. oh my god, it was true!

then i woke up again.


dreaming of being stoned out and hallucinating in a dream and waking up with kilig and a cold glass in my hand, then waking up again.

i know you can hallucinate if you're awake. but hallucinating while dreaming? weirdo!


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