Sunday, March 05, 2006

it's funny how emotions shift from one thing to another in a wink. i feel kinda ok now. i still can't sleep nights but that's okay since i'll be going back to work tomorrow. i also finally figured out what to do with my students and their projects. beatles it is. that's decided on and won't change. i hope. they've been showing(and bragging about it) me their finished projects. and even though it gets annoying when pre-teens begin to have word wars, at least i'm all done with the biggest problem of all--thinking.

one thing less on my mind is a gift. the only thing that i'm worried about the school project is the deadline. but i'm quite sure they'll be enjoying this a lot.

mejo nabad trip lang ako, kanina when my neice said that another tita daw said that lucy in lucy in the sky with diamonds is lucifer. astig sa concept ah. no wonder mejo backward ang life ng some people, kasi their thoughts are pretty much backward din. i can live with me, na twisted ang utak ,but, backward, no way. fuck. ika nga ni raena, boring sila.

i just browsed through my friendsters' blogs. you know what. somebody copied the "about me" part from my profile,edited it a little and posted it in her blog. kinda flattering and nakakainis as well. well...but it doesn't matter. kinda makes me feel unspecial at all. and unoriginal. and friendster doesn't show my "about me" part today. how bothering.

i don't know why i get so annoyed easily lately. i just feel that it's so unfair, that if everything happens for a reason, maybe the reason is just to piss me off. tough luck.

good thing, i've been seeing more of my friends lately din. kasi if not, i'm sure i'll turn into mr. hyde.just a few days ago, we had a cook out and the only time i feel good all the way to the heart is if someone complements my cooking. i got a lot of that. sarap.

i'm going to work tomorrow and i'm really scared. i am totally clueless of all the updates and the script and the new people. and it's scary driving to makati with only 45 bucks in your wallet.

sleepy day. i've been dreaming a lot about slicing flesh again. i just don't know whose.

my friendster profile still don't seem to work good.

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thinking out loud said...

whenever you feel eeky sad, just tell yourself to snap out of it! shake it off!
set your game plan, stay on track, listen to good music, laugh a lot, live a simple life, keep in touch with your friends, enjoy a good drink, appreciate the little things, and just live life! love you abs. next time you feel like doing another movie marathon, let me know. mi casa su casa.