Thursday, April 20, 2006

funny everytime i go to an internet cafe, i wear the exact same outfit. a white shirt with "iloilo" printed in front, my ultra baggy hip-hop hehe shorts, and white flip-flops. i just noticed this today.

anyway, life has been slow and so far, i'm still enjoying it. inspite of having no money at all to spend (surprisingly though, i can still buy art materials), i get by without any complications. i'm still enjoying teaching, good thing we have summer classes and i can hang out with the kids. i'm overjoyed because i found out how i can help out a student of mine with ADHD. and i've spoken with some of the parents and they're really happy about how the kids are doing.

it's a plus that the kids talk about me with their parents. well, i can't help being the favorite teacher. so next school year, i'll be doing full time (well, almost. i need to finish fine arts) teaching and modelling. hehe. after i graduate, i might even study SPED. oh yeah? sa sipag at tiyaga ko, malamang drawing yan. but i just might. i've even accepted the fact that i'll be single forever because that's what most teachers do, right, remain single?

being single is not too bad at all. at least i can fool around guiltless and i can go out whenever i want. and i can write my erotic novel without criticism from a boyfriend, plus i can get inspiration from others. if you know what i mean. haha!

my friends usually hang out in the studio with me at night. and we started reading cards again. we figured out that predictions can be avoided by totally changing the obvious. like there's this time when we read that chrissele would get knocked up in three years. well, this is the third year and she's far from pregnant because she's not in a relationship right now. well, we've read my cards and they kept suggesting that i forget about the guy i'm totally in love with now. said that he cherishes our friendship too much to. and he still might be clueless. and it also suggested that i'd end up with geoff. good thing i have the option to stay single forever. haha!

i discovered something last night. i will be unable to paint if my sleep becomes normal again. i was able to sleep at night for two days and last night when i tried to, i suddenly lost it. uh oh.

ah, finally, i got to see raena last night. i was sure i'd die if i didn't see her sooner.

creepy thought: i've been joking around that i'm having some sort of premonition. this month alone, i saw my college friends, my ex-officemates, my bestfriend who i haven't seen in a long time visited me last thursday, and when we went grocery shopping,i saw a friend who i haven't seen in years. hala! i just hope i don't bump into ren. OA na yun!

and come to think of it, i'm the only person i know who effortlessly keeps in touch with old friends.

going out tonight. will have dinner at shangri-la. sosyal na mahirap.

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