Thursday, April 06, 2006

hot sweaty summer days are here again!

i still haven't corrected my sleeping habits and of course, i am widely awake late nights. and very much asleep during the day.

right now, aside from sweating, i have finished (well, almost) three paintings, 5 books in three days, and endlessly watched the koreanovelas.

bembol also had his first one-man show opening last tuesday. we had one hell of a reunion. too bad raena wasn't there. had a blast with the guys. tinay said that it was her first time again in long time to almost break into tears laughing. well, with mikko around, what can you expect?

congratulations, bembol!

well, funny thing. i want to write my very first erotic novel. haha. funny. but, yup, i do want to write.

it is so dang hot.

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