Friday, April 28, 2006

my mood has changed a bit. i have no choice eh. i have to shrug the feelings off, kasi if i don't i'll go crazy,really.

well, i'm not yet a manic depressive. i still haven't experienced the extreme mood swings. i haven't suffered from mania. i am no way or have been euphoric nor energetic and i can sleep. i don't talk fast at all. if i get aggitated and hyperactive and start to talk fast, will somebody slap me?

i'm slightly fine since i got phone calls from some people that i really missed a lot.

oh, funny thing, i remember writing about my premonition. just 2 days ago, i saw an old classmate from middle school. hehehehehe.

leaving for legaspi on sunday dawn for my granduncle's wake. a 14- hour drive. good luck to me. oh, i don't have problems driving that long, it's the waking up on sunday that's gonna get me.

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