Saturday, August 14, 2010


dimple made my day. oh, actually, she made my week. miserably waiting for the china trip and she gives me this wonderful wonderful news. baby boss actually decided that i should go to the ambiente fair! eeeeeeeeeeeeep!!! i hope he doesn't change his mind!OMG OMG OMG! although i know i'll just set up the booth and wear uncomfortable suits, i really want to go. dimple said now she can have her picture taken while playing in the snow. haha. spring na un, di ba nagmemelt na ang snow? lol

oh please oh please oh please!

i'm leaving for china on monday. no blog, no facebook...china's a sad place. lol. i think i'm quite happy that i won't be relocating yet. i still can't imagine leaving cyrus for good. although i wanted to leave for the sake of a friend, but it wasn't for me to make the decision. well, all's good. i still can't leave the comfort of my house. and i want to fix the place, too, actually. when the news about relocating came up, it was also around the same time i was considering to have some shit here fixed.

i want to 1) make my old room smaller to extend the kitchen, 2) have a sleek kitchen counter and cupboards installed, 3) remodel the kitchen, 4) make whatever's left of my old room into a linen closet/storage room so i can actually have shelves to put my books into and closets for all the shit here, and 5) get a new toilet bowl and sink for the bathroom.

sana i can have this done by october. haha! i feel so old!

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