Tuesday, August 10, 2010

trial lang muna

tinay called me up last night to rant. and it was kind of a funny ranting. tapos, as an afterthought, she suggested that i change my blog's background color because the entries are hard to read. haha. after 5 years, i changed the layout,too! it's a happy change but i think i still need to make some more changes. i'm gonna get a different banner. i can actually photoshop na kasi. haha!

i also went back to sleeping in my bed than on a mattress on the living room floor. kinda missed it pala. so generally, i'm ok. not too sick anymore. very good daw ako sabi ng mga friends ko. well, making a mess sa living room kinda defeats the purpose of my cleaning up kasi ako yung big mess eh.


ali sent me two jars of sweets: licorice, lollies, candy hearts, and chocolates. HOW SWEET IS THAT? love love my baby sister

carlo and i met up the other day and i got me a box of cello's doughnuts. shared it with tyrone, tita, and tito. see, i'm not selfish!

going back to tinay's rantings--ako rin may rant about my stupidity. when i gave totoy bato my deviantart's url, i forgot i have a link there to here. and i kinda blogged a lot about him. stoopid!!! hay tinay, kaya ata tayo friends kasi hilig natin mag create ng scenes na ganyan. LOL

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