Friday, August 13, 2010

good morning, world! yes, kiddos, i am normal again. and i am happy...thing is, i can't paint well like this. i can't draw out inspiration from all this happiness!! i think i am addicted to pain. i love pain. it's so...ehm...painful? or maybe i'm just burnt out. haha. that's what you get when you suddenly jump from "painter/designer" to "lay-out artist". oh well, gotta make the most out of it.

i'm also kind of irked because i counted my chicks before they hatched. duh. well, was counting on getting paid after a lot of freelancing, but unfortunately, pay's all delayed. i'm leaving on monday and i only have so little. not the usual amount i take to china, and i get so scared with traveling with nothing on me.

so my cbox has been getting a lot of spam. clicking on one, it showed an ad for writers. reading on, i decided this one's a scam. writers' site with no proofreaders. lol.

eating a cheesedog and dried fruits for breakfast. thank heavens for mums and aunts who supply food to needy kids. otherwise, i'll be feasting on tea. haha. mental note:get real food first when payday comes.

ok ok, enough nonsense.

if there's one thing i hate, it's repetition. everyone knows i can't keep up with the same shit everyday for an extended period of time. ranted about this to a couple of friends, too. someone wants to talk about the same thing everyday. and everyday i get to hear how fat i am. and so yeah, i am fat. but i'll always be prettier than you. so quit the fat jokes. they get old, you know.

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