Monday, August 16, 2010

leaving in a few hours. 12 days in china sounds ok. i hope we don't get extended or something. i feel like i just wanna stay here in the house, though. however, staying here makes it difficult for work to move forward. haha! i love my job,don't get me wrong, it's just my lazy ass resisting to be moved.

my godson, baby porkchop Ty. (anak ni mommy at daddy porkchop)

sorry about that. that was just something i did for yosh. but yeah, baby boojie boojie is a happy baby. (even without carwashing blondes)

see! so cute!

but he's been sick for quite a time already, poor happy trooper. he's had a fever and symptoms of measles. we hope that it's not, though. he also has red eyes. super nakakaawa!

the brave boy on the way to see his doctor.

mommy porkchop said he's being a good boy pa rin inspite of his condition. happy baby ba din. get well soon, Ty!

meanwhile, this ass is not moving at all! get up you fatso! finish packing already! hayyyy...

buy kiddos, see you in 12 days.

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