Wednesday, November 30, 2005

a better deal? you tell me.

okay. i spoke with nikki, the really cute boss. of course, he didn't want me to resign. he told me that kung alam nya lang daw na ganito kong nakakatawa, di nya daw talaga ko papayagan. told him na, ganon? talagang ganyan lang ang gusto nila sa kin,panandaliang aliw. chatted about UP, and joked around.
going back to business, he offered me two options yesterday. one is an agent position for commonwealth and the other, a part-time job working on something else, but i don't get to be an agent anymore. he said he'll give me time to think about it. i told him that i wanted to bum around, paint, sleep, be the family driver again, and do graphic designing work. ay ang astig daw ng mga pangarap ko sa buhay. he was more concerned with me getting a stable income. he said that the two he's offering is practically stress-free. nye.
well, while i was having coffee with two of my co-workers, i mentioned that i'll probably stay if they offer me a communications coach thing. ayun, nikki did find a position for me. for convergys ortigas. i'm actually giddy about the whole idea. giddy as in dizzy ha, not euphoric. well, thinking about it, the pay is much better and it's nearer that makati. will probably save me a lot of money. all i have to do is wait for the manager to look for my comms score then i'll be good to apply.
so i gave my dad a call and asked for his opinion. of course he said that's a good choice, applying for the coach position. he said you don't get that big a salary from anywhere easily. he told me that i don't really have anything else better to do with my life anyway.
but then i still dream of bumming.
i told my supervisor that if ever i don't get the position, i will resign. and that's it. what do you think?
healthwatch: this is the same thing i had a few months back. and it is stress-related. at least i'm not feverish anymore.
uptraining for the inbound thing starts on the 5th. shoot.

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