Tuesday, November 15, 2005

slam! (or, meet bored,witty, and funny)

i was going to write about my sunday blues which had been going about for a few weeks already but that's so normal and i don't have to elaborate.

so today, i spent most of the time in the kitchen, making eggplant pizza and washing dishes. i really love my eggplant recipe and i'm sharing my recipe. here it is:

pizza crust or focaccia
eggplants, sliced thinly
more garlic,chopped (for that super sarap bite)
white onions
tomato paste
feta cheese (or kahit cheezee kung kulang sa budget)
olive oil

to make sandwiches: mix pesto, tomato paste and garlic. paint stove-top grill (or kahit non-stick pan na lang) with olive oil.grill eggplants,tomatoes and onions. after that, grill the focaccia so that it'll absorb the flavors on your grill. while still on the grill, smother it with the pesto mixture. put in the veggies and plus the feta cheese. the cheese won't melt much so you can take the sandwiches of the grill when the bread looks deliciously golden already.

to make pizza: smother pizza crust with pesto mix and top with the veggies. put feta on top or grate the cheezee since you can't afford feta. hehe. place in oven for 5 minutes and you're good to go.

you can put a little salt and pepper if it please you. i don't put salt on my food eh.

cooking is very therapeutic for me, especially when i get to smell the herbs and the spices. i feel happy.

i slept for a few hours and woke up around 7. i promised eten that we'd go play badminton before i go to work. she didn't give up even though i was too lazy to get up. she prevailed!

my nephews, kevin, zach, and vaughn, decided to tag along. i really love spending time with the three stooges. kevin and zach were doing their hill billy willy act and vaughn was giving out snappy sarcastic remarks on the way to the courts.

we played for an hour and a half. vaughn was too lazy and won't hit the shuttlecock back even if it's just a few inches away from his reach. maybe most of the time kasi he's bored eh. zach is good. he's really athletic and was witty enough to play with the pro (me,hehe). of course funny kevin had his own way of playing. or maybe he's got bad eyes. but one thing, i tell you, i won't pair up for a doubles with him. it's either i get hit with his racket or i get a flying kick from nowhere. kevin is way too hilarious.

well, i got all worked up and spent most of the time laughing my heart out with their crazy antics. we'll play again tomorrow. the boys decided that their tita abba needs the exercise and have commited themselves to help me lose weight. harhar.

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