Monday, November 28, 2005

i'm dying!

joke lang.

spent thursday,friday, and saturday night with friends. but was already sick since friday evening.

but i just had to go to the office party last saturday night. played host but was really sick to my stomach, but it didn't stop me from getting my share of margaritas and tequila. the party had a 70's theme so i showed up in a brady bunch attire complete with mike's afro wig. was declared best in costume. stayed till 2am because the wig went missing. god, and my head was spinning and my stomach churning at that.

sunday night was also spent with friends. had pizza and corn and coke and a few movies. had fun while i was suffering from pain until mom started giving out sermons at 4am.

i feel sick and i hurt. until now. but of course, i showed up here in the office. the boss will talk to me later. let's see if his charms will work on me...

i feel like i have cancer already. gad.


my 14 year old cousin was complaining earlier about having to go home after we played badminton. she told me that her parents say that she's becoming too much of a rebel. oh yeah, it's the same old lines we're talking about...

if you don't answer, the mom and the dad barks at you, but if you do answer, that means you're talking back. yada yada yada...

kinda reminds me of me when i was that age. oh, but then again, it still happens up till now. what do you do when you're 26 and still living in your parents' house? easy. move out. then, i begin to think, gad, i hate being pinoy just for that. i just have this feeling that if i do move out, it won't stop there. i most probably would be excommunicated by the whole extended family. argh.

i just can't believe that even the guys in my family never attempted to move out of their parents' houses until they all got married. it's sad that we've become so sheltered but at the same time, repressed. i'm scared that i'll end up just like everyone else. dependent on mom and dad and on help given by relatives. i don't actually have anything against that, i mean on the helping part. but when you stop helping yourself, that's the end of you.


i feel so tired. karma for calling someone a 'f****ng a**hole'. kasi that's what's hurting ehhehhehehe. coffee+wine=bad idea.


thinking out loud said...

ay sus. mesakit na nag party pa. get some rest abs.

next time you come over let's just watch a flick. no drinking. relax lang.

meron na ako titanic na dvd. hehehehe

abba said...

ay cheese party na ito!

okay okay mwah!