Tuesday, November 22, 2005

the pitted prune: a very aggressive fruit

do you take into consideration that other people actually do things for a reason? for example, do you not think about why people put up a front? well, maybe, they are scared of something. or maybe they do not intend to involve you too much into their own lives because they find you too shallow. maybe they know that they're assholes yet are actually considerate human beings. and these people would even try to protect you from themselves because they would rather use their energy in productive ways than insult you from head to toe, since you being the absurd abusive dense little rat you are, can't understand anything beyond superficiality.

or, how about the difference of friends from companions and acquaintances.

and have you ever heard of the "8-inch personal space"?


everyone knows that i'm a clown. i'm sweet and mushy, generous and sometimes thoughtful, patient and open... but do you know the real me? do you actually have a clue?


"i'll get you and i'll make it look like a bloody accident"
- cat, in "the cat in the hat", while talking to himself as the guy in the sweater who asks all the obvious questions


filipinos have this thing. they can't say "no." well, i actually don't have hang-ups saying "no." so when i say no, i mean no.


when people ask me, "are you taken?", i usually say, "yup, i am taken. i am taken for granted, thank you very much".

well. and when i begin to hear side comments such as "wala ka pala eh", i usually answer," wag lang on a bad day, kasi kahit ako di ko alam what i'm capable of doing".

i choose to stay quiet, and not think about it. i have better things to do than get mad or trash everyone.

until this week.


my anxiety attack was triggered by the fact that i had so many things going through my mind and that there were so many things i wanted to say but never did. and of course, the fact that i hold back anger. i do get sad and frustrated, but never angry.


do you know how easy it is for me to be hurtful once provoked? well, too bad you chose this week. i'm having PMS.

and you thought i can never be serious.


oh, and just as i predicted. karma did come and get you, sweetie. i swear, there are more in store for you.

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