Thursday, January 26, 2006

can't wait

i don't think i'll be getting the promotion i applied for. my self-esteem's on the lowest level again. boohoo. nobody's called me yet.

i'll have to wait for feb and see what will happen. then i will make the big decision. i don't want to work here if i won't move forward in any way. one more month of waiting, then i'll have to work on how i can live without a job for a few months again. i'll have to look for a better job.

i'll go back to school come summer time. maybe i should study first. whatever. 3 more subjects then i'll be free. free to study flcd. yup, flcd-family life and child development. teaching methods. or maybe i'll take 18 units in education.for a person who really hates studying, this is a big step for me. i'll go free lance na lnag siguro while studying.

i'm so drained with the ideas i have. i can't wait for february to come. big big move.

basta, one thing i know for sure, i'll do good this year. i'm betting my ass on it.

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angtagulan said...

oh yeah, i wish i could bet my balls on mt thesis like how you are betting your ass. you know i only have 30 days left to finish a complete game packge, feb is not a good omen! because that means march and final defense is near! abba, abba, abba have i told you that it was an usapang lasing? i wont be having an adventure afterall. i guess my tita is correct. sad. and i dont want to drive one of the old cars, i'd rather commute!

wait im kinda confused, you talk about studying, what do you mean you're not yet done with your studies? or you're getting a second degree? enlighten me dear.