Sunday, January 15, 2006

oh, cheesiness!

jan 12

i woke up feeling really bad. physically, i was hurting, due to lack of sleep, and mentally, i was drained. my voice was hoarse and i still was sleepy even after i took a bath. i drove all the way to makati but i already knew that i'd be unproductive. i decided against going to work while parked behind the building.

was too tired and sore to go towork but i just had to hang out with a friend. i found company. i had 2 cups of coffee and she had 3 beers. mental note: sisig is never good with coffee. the conversation was funny as usual,we being both clowns. the night was cool enough to stay outside the cafe, and it was a relief to get off from work that easily. our laughter was drowned by the loud music coming from the speaker behind me.

but we had to call it a night since she's setting the world record in getting the most sleep in a week. i followed her example and went home.

the drive home required real air so i turned the airconditioning off and opened tha windows. the radio played country music. it was my fault, i left the ipod on while i was in the cafe. i was stuck with AM eadio but alison krauss' voice proved to be relaxing. then i suddenly remembered.

...and just like that, i experience ou all over again...

we went out to celebrate something.our birthdays,perhaps. you bought tickets to a concert. it was one of the best gifts you've ever given me. before the concert, we had dinner at mario's kitchen. and if i'm not mistaken, we had lengua and paella. i t wasn't really good, dinner, i mean. but the thought of having a slightly fancy dinner with you was thrilling enough.

when we got to the theater, we found out that we had to sit on monoblock chairs. you got us SRO tickets. it was okay, but i had to sit next to the wall,and there were fat cable wires between me and the wall. it's just so you to decide on the last minute.but i'm so used to that. okay, i admit i was pissed,but when gary v(ugh) went on stage, i immediately forgot that i was annoyed. and i never thanked you, right? well, thank you.

we also bought black gary v mugs. teehee. baduy.

that's quite a good flashback scene there. my selective memory does sablay din pala. well, the memories do come, but i only remember bits and pieces, no more details, and most of them really cloudy. but i won't deny, the thoughts made me smile. i get cheesy. don't get me wrong; it doesn't mean that i want it all back.

you see, being single takes a lot of time getting used to, but it's not as bad as we all think. i'm in my 21st month of singlehood,and even though it gets painful time to time, i'm happy. that's why i get bigger by the day. oh, how i wish i was angry and bitter again. just kidding. the benefits of being angry and bitter did a lot for me, though. that was the time when i needed to produce a lot of endorphins to make myself happy. thus, i worked 2 jobs and went to the gym everyday for 2 hours. i literally tried to kill myself with work and i lost a lot of weight, too. bad thing: i am a happy girl now so i dropped gym. a lengthy supply of happiness keeps me from going to the gym. haha.

oops, i almost hit a road block...

my headache was back and an acid attack was on its way. i wasn;t supposed to drink coffe. stupid me. la dee da. i ran over a red thing that looked like a box. it went 'thud' under tha car. what if it was a bomb or something like that? i could've right there in the lonely sumulong highway. morbid thought.

antipolo. late night smells like poultry and shit.

oh, they're fixing up mikko's house.they chopped down the bougganvilla tree. it's spelled that way, right? whatever.

i hat puddles on the road. they look so unsanitary.

i wish i could go blogging while driving so that i won't forget anything. i mean, i have lovely thoughts while in the car. i almost ran over a white cat with black spots.

mental note: i need to get a bottle of green cross alcohol.

that's it. suddenly , i was empty. the radio still played really soft country music. sounded like elvis presley crooning with all that shakey voice of his.

i'm a 26 year old kid with a red plastic fireman's hat set on my bedpost.

wait till you see my gold plastic viking has two horns.


thinking out loud said...

abs! let's hit the perya! meron sa ynares and i don't want to miss it. let's get piss drunk then let's take zillions of photo after. tara na!

abba said...

meron pa ba?o cge next week i'll see if i can take a day off.i need to relax. not fit to work ito!

angtagulan said...

yeah, i know the feeling abba dear. i wake up like that everyday! this is not good, tsk tsk tsk.