Tuesday, January 24, 2006

will get these for sheezy!

things i'll save up for this year:

1. contact lenses
2. lomo cam
3.car repairs: new bearings, body reapir, a paint job,and new tires
4.more art materials
5. the detachable flash thingy for my pentax

6. new shoes,lots of 'em

raena will be looking for the flash for my pentax, so that'll be erased from my list in a few days. i'll be selling my ipod to get the lomo cam, then i'll probably get a better ipod.

but next year, i'm setting my eyes on these:

1. a digicam
2. a laptop
3. plane tickets to asian countries
4. a high payin job

of course, i need a high paying job to get the things i want.


thinking out loud said...

go abs!kaya natin yan! will go to quiapo tomorrow to look for your flash.

angtagulan said...

go abba! this is so good at least everything you want to buy is arranged in a nice neat list! ;) as for me ill be studying for the next 5 years after my graduation this year. haaay! i wonder when will i go to europe. hmm?