Thursday, January 05, 2006

inbound,eto na po

we're taking in calls now. it is so stressful. and i usually get irate. after 5 minutes in a call, i get irate. all of the calls feel like the first. the new shift also sucks. 8:30pm to 5 am. no social life.

i hope this year i'll get lucky in everything. okay, i won't wish for it. i'll work for it.

still, no news regarding my application for the promotion.

uh oh, first week for the kids and i can already feel the pressure. the junior students' convention is coming and my students need to submit their art entries next friday. how convenient. the new shift and school.

i wish i do have the shit that pow teased me about. the one that'll keep me awake forever.

i guess i'll be keeping my new year's resolution regarding sleep.

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