Tuesday, January 17, 2006


friday night, i was 7 minutes late. and i had the nicest surprise waiting for me: i am now a team lead associate. no, i am not too ecstatic about it. i was only being sarcastic. it's actually a lateral movement. it's just a title. i get a mini-team within my team. ugly thing is, i am under observation for 3 weeks. if i'm not effective, they pull me out. ouch. it's my self-esteem that we're talking about here. uglier thing: for every agent under me who'll miss work, i get to do 1 hour of OT.

saturday, my friends from work kept teasing me about the whole thing. ha! nyarrr... well, i don't blame them. i have little product knowledge, actually, since i never study. i was roasted over dinner at chili's. TA abba. di maganda pakinggan.

things can get worse pa pala. blythe is in my group. i know what to do! i'll ask the OM to get her to go on an LOA. hehe.

anyway, while we were having dinner last saturday, joe from reqruitments called me. they scheduled me for an interview. monday, 5pm. bummer. my shift won't start till 8:30.

sunday night, i went to camille's place for luke's despedida. i made beef and shrimp kebabs, garlic and parsley potatoes, and my special smelly buttered and herbed corn. had black olives,too.we also had the crackers that taste like cardboard, garlic and cheese dip, green olives and capers. all washed down with red wine. lovely night.

i've been here in makati since 5 pm and i'm rather tired. the exam was a breeze, but the interview itself was hell. i had i hard time looking for the right words to say. although i know that i answered everything correctly, my vocabulary was for sure unimpressive. well, if the job's really meant for me, it'll be mine.

let's pray.


angtagulan said...

ooohhh! good luck i hope you get the job. hmmm? i like the sound of what you prepared for that despidida, it makes my stomach do circles in hunger! the things that you mentioned makes me drool! they all sound so good! (fyi, im a vegetarian) haaay, kelan ko kaya matitikman yang luto mo?

im just soooo glad that im not working at the moment and i only got my school work to worry about. bakit parang sa ad agency ka nagtratrabaho? hmmmmm? just wondering dear. ;)

have a nice day.

abba said...

then i'll make you veggie kebabs! =) maybe we can hook up minsan for a cook out.

call center ako. the worst high paying job anyone will ever encounter. i don't want to work in an ad agency,it'll corrupt my ideas for sure. after i finish my bachelor's degree in painting, i'll probably open a sandwich and deli bar. harhar!

i'm thinking of settling with photography muna. i can't paint and i'm so friggin' frustrated about it. i just want to look for something na i can do in the meantime.

you have nicer days, too, pong.

angtagulan said...

oh! that is really nice. are you serious? i really like that, i hope we can do it.

i've been in the ad agency dear, ojt nga lang. its a high stress environment and sobrang fun. high paying job din un. wow nice! i'll wait for your sandwich and deli bar opening, invite me okay?

i suddenly feel so lucky i paint, draw sketch, take photos and do whatever we artists do. ;) but not at the moment though, im trying to finish a flash game for my thesis.