Monday, May 01, 2006


left a little after 6 am for bicol sunday morning. after the radiator decided to get hotter than it's supposed to be, we opened the windows. drove from antipolo to quezon before dad decided to take over the wheel. had an amazing time just gazing outside the car. it was an unusual opportunity for me, just staring outside instead of driving. well, i really enjoyed the salty air blowing from the ocean, which was just beside the road. the scenery was an explosion of blues. the sea, the mountains in the horizon, and the afternoon sky. it was amazing. very blue. and it matched my emotions.

drove a little more after dad felt sleepy. spent a little more quiet time with myself. i just wasn't really excited about the trip. well, i can't do anything about it so i decided to just enjoy myself.

dad and i switched places again as soon as it got a little dark. we stopped at a gasoline station to get something to eat before dinner time. and i found myself a box of lotte chocopie. it's the same brand of pie kim sam soon had with cyrus sa bundok sa island.hehe.

the sun set a little after 6pm. the drive was long but the scenery was worth the effort. reached legaspi a little before 8pm. found myself really tired and had dinner in silence. after eating, i discovered queer and interesting old books and knickknacks. unfortunately, i left my camera home. aaargh! i also discovered a really toxic pain in my lower back. and the joints in my hands and feet. i feel so old ha!

papa joffre's house was built in the 1950's. there are a gazillion of vintage stuff. the china inside the glass case looks really fragile with age. just today, kuya raleigh, my priest cousin, opened the door to the stockroom and showed me figurines and they made my jaw drop. i wanna take them home with me! kuya raleigh let me use his camera phone to take some pistures. i will post them here as soon as he emails them to me. will ask someone to lend me a digicam.

i saw this ugly dusty ragdoll. i'm taking it home with me. it must be 50 years old.

hmmm...will write some more in a few days. i'm in the aquinas university. dada's alma mater. cool.

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