Thursday, May 25, 2006


after a week away from my studio, i was pretty sure that it would be gross. well, i was right. i was prepared for it--the dusty floors, the cobwebs, and moisture. i insisted that my sister come along with me to spend the night there so that i'll have company while cleaning up.

too bad, the broom was nowhere to be found and i was too excited not to paint. so, i finished what i left and went to the bathroom to wash my brushes. as usual, i poured the used thinner in the sink, down the drain. i squeezed a generous amount of dishwashing soap onto my filthy brushes and started scrubbing. and then...

a teeny-weeny lizard came out from the drain. phew! major hair-raiser! its skin had turned into a transluscent pink, probably the reaction of the fluids i sent down the drain. it tried climbing up the sink, but it had a hard time doing so. it bought me a little time to grab my other stufff out of the way. oh, i could have died! i'm sure if it was bembol who saw it, he'd fall down and break his neck right there.

i really hate small critters and would probably hate bigger ones more.



made california maki and croquettes last night. i can make really good onion rings, too.

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