Wednesday, May 31, 2006

was able to see a few movies and read some books last week despite the fact that i've been so busy. drafted letters, wrote brochure material, and watched friends on dvd during long nights. ate cakes, kettle corn, drank coffee and hot chocolate, made maki, croquettes, bought bread, and swept the floor. threw unfinished corn in a garbage bag, and after two days, they smelled like whiskey. made my joints hurt and sweated, thanks to the nasty heat, painted a hundred of faces for the musikahan and pintahan sa reposo. saw cute kids, wiped off their sweat, met syve, the cute little dutch boy, and smelled street children crowding on me to have their faces painted, too. but i took time to wash my brushes. painted butterflies on sarita and rian's faces, both on saturday and sunday. they gave me earrings as a gift. heard thank yous, both fake and sincere. and of course, we didn't bring cameras. and of course we both felt stupid. had quiche and embotido, roast beef and those chicken whatevers. they were actually empanadas. played boxing on manoli's xbox and won a couple. slept at camille's and woke up late. had my cards read by reng and talked and cried a lot. rode an fx home. alone. cool.

been looking forward to post pictures of the things i see but whatthef***, i don't have a camera. well, what's a poor girl to do?

so reng gave me some questions to answer. she made me choose, go back to a relationship exactly the same as before's or become an old maid. i chose the latter. why are we insecure? because we try to do things thinking of pleasing others and not ourselves. why am i insecure of my works now? because i have something else in my mind. what are my priorities? duh. my cards said that i have to focus on what i'm doing and go up the stairs. it'll be all good if i do it myself. it seems that i will be able to reach the top of the stairs. let me look forward to that.

now, what do you do when your friends have a conflict? of course, i don't take sides, and stay friends with them. but what if one of them is really stupid and it suddenly gets too annoying? i say, off with her head! how do you inject sense inside someone else's head without hurting her too much after you've burst her bubble? well, let's look for a band-aid solution to something more complicated. but then again, why bother? sometimes, the answer to our questions is right in front of our face. what if we are two-faced? do we get two answers, too?

if we find purpose in our lives, does it mean that we all go get boring? after boring yourself to death, how can you then live your purpose?

marina greenhills, near club filipino, sells beer for P20 from 10-11pm, P15 from 11-12am, and P10 from 12am-1am. that goes on until june 15. they're open till 2am. the place isn't really astig but the food is good naman. and the toilets are clean.

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