Monday, August 15, 2005

i keep telling myself that i won't drink too much anymore. so i drink and leave some for the walk home.
carlo q.'s birthday party started late on saturday night and ended at 5am, sunday. it was a cool night, not even rainy, and everyone was in the mood to DRINK. we started the usual chattering. bottles on the table: half of a jose cuervo, 3 long neck, and beer( but that came from a really big drum in the garage). girl talk as fun, and the girls were starting the heavy drinking. kasi naman, hard sa min samantalang sa boys, puro beer, may vodka nga sila, di naman nila binuksan.
ayun na. alcohol started talking and surprisingly, girls started crying! even with the boys around ha. teka, may epidemia ata sa g-hood...almost all the females are single and hurting! although not all shit stories are brought about by exboyfriends, boyfriends, or simply of the male species, ayun na, naglabasan na talaga. pati ata ako, nakahirit ng onti. but i got emotional sa stories ng iba. it was a weird experience.
the girls were all ranting, and the boys comforted the girls, defended themselves, well, gave their two cents, and caused some more tears. but all ended coolly.
i pretty much excused myself from the emotional conversations and ended up talking to brian and eric. it was an enriching experience. brian, carrie's cousin, is a good conversationalist and is very intelligent. sensible. of course, i forgot most of the topics, but i enjoyed the open-mindedness.
ah basta. here are pictures of everyone.

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yup, we were able to walk home.

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