Thursday, August 11, 2005


hadn't been writing for a long time now. my short story is still very short. i am too sleepy to do anything, including blogging. i'm too tired even to stay up at nights, ironically, i have to work nights, remember? but i can say that i'm happy. everything's kind of falling into place. i now know what to do after resigning. i'm starting a small business, and it involves what i love to do and do best. art.

had breakfast today at eastwood. i saw nike and una. hay ang sarap ng coffee.

after that, had lunch at chocolate kiss. met up with bembol.

i took pictures today. see how cute they both are?

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it's a nice day. it was raining when i got to antipolo. the sky on top of me was light, but in front, it was all dark. the roads had a nice glazy look being all wet. and antipolo has wonderful red soil. the dampness makes it glow. makes me think back when i was younger, and everything around was houses, no people. antipolo really looks wonderful whenever rain falls. the feel it gives is unearthy, like moving in a dream...everyone rushing about, but everything seems slow.

i got home and went straight to bed. i turned the lights off and everything turned really dark. the weather was working with me, giving me melatonin high. it wasn't even cool; it was really cold. i slept for a few hours only, really comfy, snuggled under two blankets and tons of smelly pillows. ah, home...

i'm in the office now. still too lazy to work. i have a slight cold, i hope it doesn't get worse.

my birthday's coming up in five weeks. i'll be a year older than a quarter of a century.

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