Monday, August 01, 2005

siff sniff

i will marry an englishman, i swear. haha. i have a huge crush on paul bettany, jennifer connely's husband. he's russell crowe's imginary friend in 'a beautiful mind'. i just saw 'wimbledon' a few days ago and i now have englishman fever. blythe said they're too conservative. i think they are just proper. well, i don't really care, i suddenly found their accent sexy. i hope my englishman has good hygiene. and of course, some other thing. basta i want him clean. nye.
i feel like a racist suddenly.
i have been really bothered lately thinking about different kinds of smell. well, to make the topic more narrow, i'd say certain kinds of smell produced by human beings.
actually, i was only thinking about pheromones and how it works. its more complicated than i thought. well, here we go! sniff sniff, sniff sniff...
i'm trying to write a story. it's a twisted kind of fairy tale. will probably be used by my theater class. i have my first page already.
a few months ago, my psychic friend told me that i should take care of my health. she said that once it goes, it goes away bad. well, here it is. oh my poor tummy. been in pain for 3 weeks already. stress, i guess. well, my mind's set, and i will rest from the pseudo corporate life come august.
i have nothing more to say about work. it's not even worth the effort.
btw, i'm selling my nokia 7610. 16k, negotiable, and i can do installments. it doesn't have an mmc and has a few scratches, but it doesn't have any glitches. never had accidents, so it's all good. i'm just selling it because all i wanted was the camera, unfortunately, i have problems with my pc at home so i find it stupid already and i don't have to explain myself. 10 months old. still a baby. hehe.
if you're interested, don't text me. call me at home instead.
got to see the csi finale which quentin tarantino directed. soooo tarantino. i loved it. especially the part where nick was pulled out of the freezer and the autopsy scene. weirdo.

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