Wednesday, July 19, 2006

can't it get any betterer?

whachoooo! i hate the weather and i hate getting the cold virus. it is either too hot or humid and wet. i don't even want to go near my dog so he won't get the virus.

grabe. i need longer days. time goes too fast that sleeping becomes a sin na talaga. and still there are a lot of things i leave undone pa din inspite of being too busy. mahirap nga pagsabayin ang school and work. and the funny thing, ngayon pa lang ako nakakaadjust sa pagtuturo ulit. maayos na yung flow ng lesson plan ko. haha! it is funny and stupid. kaya lang i can't devote time pa rin to just concentrate on simply teaching or doing homework.

sometimes i feel too drained that lahat na ng sense nawala sa utak ko. i need a massage. matagal ko na binanalak yan but i cant squeeze such leisure time sa sched ko. ang most relaxing na i can do ay manood na sine and dinner out with my cousins pero stressful pa din kasi i have to drive. hay...

kasi instead of blogging, bakit kaya hindi ako mag-aral?! hahahhahha! dapat by august, ok na ko.

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