Friday, July 14, 2006


when the storm came,electricity in our area went out, too. and the water supply was cut, thanks to a rotten pipe somewhere below our village. imagine how inconvenient that is.
ho hum. the sleepy bed weather came and went without too much happening. the only fun thing we did was videoke last night in a restobar a few minutes away from our house. well, when you live in antipolo, there's little choice where to go for a night out. dad paid so it's okay na rin.
stormy. i just can't believe how toxic this has become. i am definitely in a fix. it's hard to juggle work and school talaga. i can't believe i'm actually putting effort in schooling. argh! i hate school! and it's hard to imagine a teacher not liking school. ironic.
stormy. i have to attend a wedding, a formal one, and i don't have anything to wear. my cousin asked me to accompany her to her friend's wedding and heck, i am just the driver, why make me go formal? i have nothing to wear, no shoes, and i have weird hair. oh,dilemma.
my science and technology and the society class (or something that sounds like that) is giving me a headache. we have to submit a proposal for a paper and i think my groupmates got the proposal all wrong. i'm stuck to an assignment and i am in charge of printing but nobody sent anything. so what paper will i print? oh no. i will not speak ill of my groupmates, promise. di naman ako ganon katalino eh...pero di naman ako ganun kabobo! uy, joke lang yan.
my last song syndrome is 'seasons of love' after watching 'rent' twice.
i ran out of dog food and have no idea what to feed cyrus tomorrow morning. i'll just give him some sawdust. and pray he won't get a bad stomach.
i have a make-up quiz for my spanish subject and it all sounds greek to me.
i hope it rains at 4am.
i am getting too much pressure from a side job. and getting more from the thought that i have to make up something for a student handbook.
i ain't too formal i'm telling you.
i've been joking with a paulynne a lot. everytime she'd call, she'd catch me having or going to dinner or something. basta eating. so i am now declared a professional diner. ayuz.
and yes, i do intend to lose weight.
i'm sleepy and i have no idea what to do with sts.

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