Sunday, July 23, 2006

funny how i change the font color depending on my mood. i wasn't myself these past few days. and i'm currently switching from blue to pink. well, whatever that means. i'm waiting for my bath water to get hot so i'll make this quick.

i dreamt of an exboyfriend. ..let me rephrase that, kasi he said he isnt my ex kasi it really didn't happen and we were never "us". ouch, he denied me ha! so jolina and marvin ha. ok, he was someone i used to make out with a lot noon. haha. well, weird but in my dream we ended up together. wala lang, i just remembered this one time...(*smoke appears. flashback scene)

i was getting gas to go to work one time and he passed by and knocked on my car. and we ended up inside my car in the gas station near the air compressor facing the highway on a totally bright afternoon. ang unromantic di ba. this happened a year ago ata. lalong naging unromantic kasi bumili sya ng rin-bee at ng taquitos after getting 50 bucks sa wallet ko! but cutie to ha. in a weird way.

anyway, i asked, "bakit mo ko dini-deny?"

"hindi naman kita dini-deny eh. eh hindi naman talaga naging tayo".

"at bakit naman?"

"wala naman tayong formal na date na sinagot mo ko at nagbreak tyo"
(he has this really cute accent kasi he speaks english and ilonggo better eh, malambing pa rin kahit nakaka-irita at nakakapikon yung sinasabi nya)

"e anung tawag mo don?"

"wala, basta, ikaw yung unang babae sa buhay ko at ikaw yung una kong minahal"

ambaduy!!! pero ang sweet nun nung sinabi nya. actually, i wasn't really affected but i really like teasing him. we didnt become "us" when he was 14 or 15, and i was either 15 or 16. ang lalandi ha. well, it was cute noon. now, he still looks like the 15 year old kid, tall and lanky and skinny, ako, never mind. pedopilya.

wala lang, anyway, congratulations to my dear ex-sister-in law, maria jo anna corpuz, r.n. after getting all anxious and because she has leakage, haha, she finally passsed the board exam. we had too many margaritas last night. thank you! may your r.n. days here in the phillipines earn you more than 8K a month! hehe

byeee! i'll write as soon as i get sense again.

eto pa pal, i was watching startalk kahapon. uy sorry, we don't have cable kaya very limited ang programs that i see. hehe, anyway, an actress, si jennylyn mercado was sent to the hospital kasi her sinuses were swollen. may "tulips" daw kasi sya sa nasal cavity. reason: she inhaled to many tulip bulbs. well, tulips ryhmes with polyps kasi eh. kasalanan yan ng english language. leche.

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