Sunday, July 23, 2006

intensity scale

Bright – when all the world is wonderful and the colors are vivid. When you see yourself in an amazing kaleidoscope; the flowers bloom and the sun is shining everyday. Yup, it is love. Sweet love. For whatever, whoever, it doesn’t matter.

High bright – the feeling is stable, the facts set straight. The moments are cherished, the smiles alive.

Medium bright – the feeling is tamed. The pleasure is consistent. The times are counted, togetherness is a big issue and a given factor.

Low bright – when effort is given. When kisses are important. When familiarity kills the need, but still provides the strength to go ahead.

Colored grey – when it becomes stagnant. The rules had been set and the kisses are routine. When touch no longer gives heat but rather is obligation.

Low dull – conversations are out of necessity to remain intact. When goodnights are redundant. Activities doesn’t require the other anymore and surprises are in vain.

Medium dull – when conversations are postponed. Touch no longer anticipated. When goodbyes are given a different concept.

High dull – existence of the other is ignored. Touch no longer given. Sensitivity has died and cold is the adjective mostly used.

Dull – when nothing ever happens anymore and effort has turned to drunken dares. When hellos are not meant. Respect has long gone. Feelings buried and desires die.

I no longer see myself being given the opportunity. Maybe it doesn’t work that way. If one day I find true happiness, please don’t bug me. Right now, only my emotions are intensified. As much as I want to talk to someone who’ll understand,fate for sure is never kind. I wasn’t born to see the bright side. Urges are for me to tame and forget. I do not want things to change; I want to leave.

The nicest thing one could ever do is cherish time. Only a few would understand, and the smartest sometimes never do. Teach me to forget. I want to be overcome by the cold.

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