Monday, May 09, 2005


i wonder what's in store this month for me...
after all the heartaches, i wish for sunshine to warm and heal me. after all the sacrifices, i pray that god would smile and be kind to me.
but then again...
gusto ko magbasa! gusto ko magbabad! halp! halp! gusto ko maglakwacha, lumangoy, magwala! too bad, my finances won't let me. i'm too dang bored and too lazy to entertain myself. i miss hanging out with the people down there in quezon city. i miss marikina! i miss long drives and coffee stops. i miss the boys and girls. let me go back to being a bum!!!!!
7 more months of sacrifice, after that, i will be an official bum again. can't wait. sagada na ito!

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