Monday, May 02, 2005


my left ankle's been bothering me since yesterday. i tripped on the steps at absinth greenbelt saturday night. literally! at least i didn't roll over, but i fell because i was so wasted and this hiphop dj guy helped me up. i was laughing so hard and just said i was okay, i was okay, but 7 shots of tequila is not okay. i felt like david ames in vanilla sky falling asleep on the curb and waking up in an elusive, not really, but at least i didn't get a hang over.
i don't recommend absinth if you're not into hiphop clubbing and if you're above 21. kiddies.
well, carrie, lets and tel pretended to be 18 again, and of course that made buboi and me 19 and mike, err..22. spent a lot on tequila and now i vow not to get drunk in makati anymore. overpricing! black russian's P165 there while i can get that for P115 anywhere else and at krocodile grille for only P68.
i have a major migraine attack today, probably because of the heat. i melt. i hate the feeling when mousse runs down on your neck. icky. i need a haircut!!!
i am so uninspired. i should be painting. amazing how he affects me. i should let this go.
i have to take a nap. i will be cooking for everyone tonight before i go to work. shrimps and tuna.

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