Tuesday, May 03, 2005

getting tired everyday

i seem to be the one who can't make up my mind. i feel stupid being so tolerant of others' attitude problems. i just let events pass unnoticed even if it's me who end up looking like a fool.
it's a wonder how others can easily drive people away.
mike was rushed to the hospital today. he called me up early today and told me that he's not feeling too well. spoke with him again around 7pm. he was feeling worse so i told him to go ask someone to drive him to the hospital. i went to carrie's to inform her but i was feeling mighty worried and jittery after tita annie called me to tell me that they brought mike to the hospital. was able to tell raena and bembol. mike's still under observation and was given tranquilizers. i hope it's nothing serious. my friends give me jitterbugs.
if it's any consolation, i received a message from the love of my life's mom...hmmm...wanted to ask for her son's hand in marriage hehehe =)
my hands say that i should stop for health purposes. once i get there, they seem to say, there's no turning back. anna the palmreader told me to just continue with how i carry things around these days...i just don't want to drag things around since i don't want to slow down just yet. life should get better. any moment now.
the people who drive others away, they drag a lot of things around. they get so heavy themselves, the weight they bear, they transfer to other people.
i try to keep things as uncomplicated as possible. i hope these people help themselves, too.

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