Thursday, May 05, 2005

on giving up

i haven't been myself lately. thanks to history repeating itself...

people may think that i give too much to the guys i fall for. true. but can't you not tell that i give too much to friends,too? i fall in love with my friends more than you can ever imagine. problem is, i end up being the bad guy. okay.

been thinking about a lot of things. this is the reason why i want to stop connecting with other people. i invest a lot on relationships. i tend to really, and i'm am not denying the fact that i give in to the need that i simply have to show this love in ways too sick (sickeningly sweet, sickeningly obssessive, sickeningly thoughtful, too annoying, too much, you wanna puke)...thing is, i keep looking to the left, when it's in front of me, better yet, minsan daw nasa kanan ko. i guess i keep falling in love with insensitivity, immaturity, with the inconsiderate, with the cool (ask me what is cool, and i'll give you answers the avril way)..ahahhahahhahahhaa!!!!
hindi totoo yan. i now can diffrentiate the keepers from the nonkeeps.
yup, leave me clueless and hurt. I DON'T CARE...everyone knows i'm an ass...
i fall victim to such breed. isa,dalawa,tatlo...
anyway, what the heck...havent slept for 21 hours already, what am i talking about...
no reason for me to whine. i've been blessed with odd friends. remember the good spirits? they're a part of that.
mike update. he's going home today i think. i hope he gets better quickly. visited him with carrie.
sleepy. bed.sleep. ho hum.sleep. me wanna.

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punggay said...

yes, you are whiney. yes, you are an ass. totally. yes, to all the things you have been saying about yourself. but guess what? i love you anyway.