Wednesday, May 18, 2005


monday night found me texting in between calls. doctor love for a day, thank you. tel needed a few words of wisdom and i was glad to give out a few. another friend also texted and asked for a date. okay, i agreed to have brunch with her tuesday morning.
finally, a friend who just went through a bad break up texted. hay...i went to his place right after work, breakfast from delifrance in hand, ready to hear out whining not coming from me! spent the rest of the morning sharing shit stories, listening to my ipod, and giving out my no-nonsense points of view regarding love.
love. sweet. but then again, i have to tell you, i had a complete turn around last year. my principles and opinions had changed a lot. let me see...
- pain is just a state of mind, it does what you tell it to do
- trust no one (well, not everyone)
- there are shittier stories than yours
-don't make demands, don't set expectations--people will always disappoint you
-don't drag things around; the weight makes you the loser
-never regret a thing you do
-it is okay to say no
and other stuff like that. i learned a lot of things the hard way. now, i can easily tell the world,
insensitive, indeferent, i don't care. i have learned to treat people the way i want to be treated. action/reaction.
besides, i know who to love and thankfully, am being loved back.
i hope my bestie gets back quickly. i don't want to see him suffer anymore.
anyway, i met up with another friend after saying bye-bye my poor friend. had lunch and went strolling in megamall. nice seeing her again.
slept at 4, woke up at 6:30. lights were out and the rain was mean. had kare-kare for dinner and went to carrie's. i asked them to punch the flowery holes on carol's envelopes since i had too much pain in my arm.
rayuma ata ito. old age.
bestie's coming over here in the office and will go home to antipolo with me. i'll let him paint his heart out.

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