Wednesday, May 25, 2005


haven't blogged for quite a bit now. let's see...what have i been up to lately...
okay, saturday night was a long wait for the van to pampanga. lost my voice during the outing. sana kasi i can keep quiet naman minsan. found ourselves a pretty room,but i enjoyed the aircon for 3 hours only. after every task i had to do( that of being a game master, a cheerleader, the baggage counter lady, an ER assistant), i fell asleep instantly on a mattress on the floor. and i missed dinner.
i was up from 4pm saturday and found sleep only at 6pm sunday. the 3 hours did a lot for me. woke up at 9pm but still, i was a little lightheaded. made some boracay for everyone, and we stretched it for more than 20 people! tried to get more sleep after throwing up(hey, i was hungry,remember, and gin is bad for the hungry), unfortunately, i couldn't. so we went singing till the wee hours of morning.
haha, my voice was too raspy but that didn't stop me from singing "come together" thrice!
anyway, our room was bigger than most of the other rooms. it was standing on stilts on a 20 foot deep lagoon. lavender waterlilies surrounded us.i'll try to get some pictures to post here.
leo's leisure park wasn't that leisurely at all. there were ostriches, ducks, geese, turkeys, and a swan. but i don't like birds, no matter what size so, i don't really care. there were sheep and horses and goats running around the park.of course i don't like those,too. they have fleas, you know. the water in the pool was green and the "batis" pool had slimy floors. well, at least the toilets were always clean.
just today, i met up with marvin for dinner. we had fajitas at soul food in greenbelt. had a nice time catching up. missed him a lot.
i now have this really bad throat. been coughing a lot and it sounds really disturbing. i need to rest for 2 days at least.
found out that speakers for my ipod aren't as expensive as i thought they were. still, you won't catch me getting those for myself. not these coming months, though.
i finally finished reading the book raena lent me. reminded me of a guy friend... the book is good, the twist left me hanging, but i liked it a lot. try haruki murakami's "south of the border, west of the sun".


coconutalk said...

haha! may pato sa leisure park?!

speaking of animals, ive been using to santiago the sulfur soap you recommended. and now, hindi na siya as dog smelling as before! thanks abba!

abba said...

i'm sure santiago now smells a little like me na =)

may iguana and boa constrictor pa. more like a zoo pa yung leisure park.hehe.