Thursday, June 16, 2005

first day funk

finally, it came. first day.

i saw my students today and was partly entertained by lindy. good thing he dropped by the school today, he kept me awake. tee hee. lindy still takes me back to highschool whenever i see him. kasi naman eh, he still looks like the lanky 15 year old kid pa rin...

anyway, i should go on a diet pala. my uniform doesn't fit me already. asteeg.

i will be attending classes in FA later. goodness, eto na, the ultimate endurance test. lord, help me not to fall asleep in the middle of what i am predicting, boring lectures. give me a break. connoisseurship and renaissance art. hala. curse you, lantz for not allowing me to take viscom electives!

i wanted to take something that will at least keep me awake. never mind the retention part eh.


the least of things i'd like to think about now is what floods my thought as of this moment. i think of a sunny day, with peach clouds and the air is cotton candy sweet. i walk along the breeze among the plastic daisies bursting with yellow and reds.the dew drops keep my feet cool and the bees are my friends. the purple swirls of lavender extends to the horizon and i smell of corn and butter. i feel as light as a feather, as free as the orange birds singing their unearthly melodies. i found the light of my day, the air of my lungs. i found the bed i can rest on, the comfort of the warm blanket that keeps me in the night. i feel so young, i feel so at home. i linger there, i bask in it. i pray it will last forever. i dread it. i dread the chill that will creep and run up my spine and skin. i am afraid of the darkness that'll shroud the day. and the eerie howls of wolves will replace the once-sweet chirping of the birds that'll fly for cover. the fog will slowly replace the colors and everything will be gray and miserable. then everything wonderful will slowly die. life will expire, breath will succumb to the cold of nothingness. then we go back to vast space, where nothing exists. all will be just a fragment of memories. memories will disappear. then silence. emptiness.

too much of something. too bad. bliss.


coconutalk said...

i miss school too, i plan to come back sometime. pero diba, ang weird, pagnasa school ka all you want to do is work. tapos pagnagtatrabaho ka naman, gusto mo mag-aral. haha!

we will never be content.. :)

goodluck with school! and with your teaching job too abba!

abba said...

true. but in my case ayoko na mag work at ayoko na din mag aral. all i can think of is paint...

thanks pau, i need all the luck i can get.

kyameel said...

i miss school. the summer breaks, the christmas breaks, the sem breaks.

yep. basically i miss school because of the breaks.


goodluck sa school! both teaching and learning :D

btw, di pa kita ma-add sa friendster abba, dahil blocked ang site dito sa work ^^; sorry!

abba said...

camille-oo nga, napansin ko. i look forward to the rainy days. kaya lang bad trip lang kasi you still have to work kahit nagugunaw na ang mundo.

thank goodness ok na yung enlistment part. here comes the multitude of readings.

thinking out loud said...

mwehehehe! back to school ka ulit! ok lang yan. just tell me your sched para i can visit you. lets oz or something. kaya mo yan abs!