Wednesday, June 01, 2005


last friday, i went to a friend's party. it was her 18th birthday and i was sick in the stomach. i knew carrie would be serving beer, the tequila i hate, and vodka-based drinks. thus, i brought a bottle of wine, had it chilled and drank a little. i had no intentions of going home woozy and i definitely had no intentions of throwing up in any part of valle verde 4. it was a humid night, and we decided to leave around 11pm to have coffee somewhere in ortigas. carrie begged us to leave a little later so that she could join us. sure, why not. we took our time and changed into comfortable clothes.
unfortunately for us, this 17 year old girl who we caught lying down on the floor of the c.r. made our lives a little miserable. god, that was the first time i experienced that. i don't know what her problem was, but she was acting like crazy, and even went running to the street and nagtutuwad and puked on herself. binuhusan ko sha ng tubig and she went, "putangina! bakit nyo ko binasa!" e di nagising ka,gago! so i told her, "putang ina mo rin!" that happened 3 times. same reaction, same lines.
mas malas ako. me being the oldest, ehem, person there, was tasked to drive her home. josko, we all knew that she was drunk, pero did she have to proclaim it by rolling and playing dead?! haha! yuk! she smelled really bad and the guys had to carry her to the car. i think she was just playing a game, in a desperate attempt to have this cute guy take her home and who-knows- what-else she wanted to do.
grabe. so, we went to starbucks libis instead since she lives in marikina. in the car nga, i kept telling them not to let her throw up and she kept repeating her winner line "shusuhka akoh,seryosho!" eeewwwww!!! eto malupit. we had to take her out of the car, shempre i didn't want her alone in the car di ba. we had to drag her out and the moment she got out of the car, ayon, tumuwad ulit sa parking lot. we were parked just beside the highway. i had her left arm and tel was on her right. we actually didn't kno what we wanted to do with her...eto na ang punchline...
may dumating na pulis! potah. the mobile stopped in front of us and two cops got out. siguro kala binubugbog namin. ahahhahaha! eto yung conversation namin:
manong pulis: ano ba nangyari sa kanya?
tel: nakainom po eh.
mp: marami ba?
me: ata manong, pero umaarte na lang yan. (good thing di na sya mukhang minor)
mp: kaibigan nyo ba yan?( good thing walang lasing na iba sa min)
me: manong kanina, may potential sya maging friend namin, ngayon wala na. ayoko na sa kanya.
mp: di ba sya nauntog sa semento?
me: manong, hindi, pero natadyakan ko na sya sa tagiliran.
buti na lang, her friends saw us and decided to take her home instead. hay salamat. at least. leather seats sila.
i haven't gone out in a long time na hindi ako nababangenge. noon lang. malas.


coconutalk said...

pucha, kiddie party ata yon!

yea, i remember back in h.s. when people thought that getting drunk was really cool, kase minors sila.

haha! look at them now!

abba said...

kiddie na, hip-hop pa! nako, pau, you should've seen them...amazing talaga ang kids ngayon.

e ano na nga ba ang cool ngayon? at our age?

di na ko uulit, i swear!

never imagined myself going home bangenge to mom.

they need a good spanking.