Wednesday, June 29, 2005

have i mentioned that i have this thing for physical pain? oy, di self-induced bloody slicey kind of pain ha (well, not anymore! ahahaha! sick!). i used to get that from the gym everyday, like last year when i lost 27 pounds having spent mornings on this cardio machine. i really enjoyed the hectic schedule plus the hype brought about by the bruising 45 minutes of cardio excersice. but i intensely loved lifting weights, lalo na when the instructor made me cry with pain. ibang klase.
now, i can't even go to the gym and i can feel cake fill spaces in my body pa. and i look like i'm gonna burst pa ahaha! i wish i can squeeze gym back to my sched. unfortunately, i do work my butt off pa din, but the kind of pain i experience ngayon, di nakakatuwa.
i feel really sick. maybe it's age getting to me, plus the excess weight di ba? tired. extremely tired. all the joints in my body need a little wd40 siguro. time for me to attempt, attempt ha, to live a healthier kind of lifestyle. good luck.
kaya nga just kanina, i stuffed my face with mom's cholesterol clubhouse sandwiches, a free dinner plus dessert at m cafe, and a vanilla frap... ironic...


thinking out loud said...

tara na abs! we really need to do something about this. pero how can you sqeeze exercise if you have work, you go to school, you teach plus family driver ka pa! i think it's time that you give up one of those soon. the things you do are killing you. hay nako.
anyhoo, i'll treat you to a massage soon.

abba said...

as soon as i get this fixed, we will exercise. hindi na once a year yan ha!haha! the weight i lose, sana you gain some of them. =)